Mary Beggs-Reid, of Harrogate, UK, had an idea back in October, 2020. Photo: Mark Bickerdike

Ring a Bell on Christmas Eve and Join the Global Symphony

. . . @ 6 pm wherever you are in the world . . .

David Paul Kirkpatrick
4 min readDec 18, 2020


The coronavirus pandemic may keep loved ones apart this holiday season, but Mary Beggs-Reid from Harrogate, North Yorkshire hopes to bring loved ones together through a simple feat — ringing a bell.

“On Christmas Eve at 6pm (your time) we are asking everyone to come outside and ring a bell for 2 mins to spread Christmas spirit and to help Santa fly that sleigh,” writes Mary.

What started as a little idea for Mary’s Harrogate Community in the UK began to gain momentum. Mary “thought a Facebook group would be a good idea for all communities to join in.” It was back in October that Mary had the idea for bell ringing and well . . . the idea has snowballed. As of this writing, a week before Christmas, her Worldwide Christmas Eve Jingle Group has over 430,000 members on Facebook.

The Christmas Jingle is a simple idea that started with one woman, Mary, but has continued to grow around the world. On Christmas Eve, at 6 p.m. local time, families will stand on their front steps and simply ring a bell. Organizers are hoping that the sounds on that still winter night will travel all the way to the North Pole to help guide Santa on his way. But more than that, the sound will lift the hearts of those near and far who are doing their best to keep the Christmas spirit alive in these very challenging times.

Colin and Laurel Gurnsey and their Shetland sheepdog Keira from Vancouver, Canada are ready to ring bells on Christmas Eve, hoping others will follow. The worldwide event happens at 6 p.m. local time on Dec. 24, 2020. photo Mike Wakefield

In Northern Vancouver, a whole community has rallied around the idea. They are not only ringing bells but joining also in song. They’re bringing a playlist, their bluetooth, and a sound system to their block.

“It’s a neighborhood choir that is following all the rules of social distancing,” said Laurel Gurnsey (pictured above) , adding that she’s hoping it will bring a sense of comfort and community to people who may not be able to celebrate with their families this Christmas. “If they’re singing with the block, if they’re ringing bells with the block, they’re not going to be alone, which is kind of a neat feeling.”



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