Matt Cooke will join Story Summit on Sunday, March 12

Manifestation Workshop for Writers this Sunday, March 12th

It’s time to change the trajectory of your writing

David Paul Kirkpatrick
2 min readMar 7, 2023


Manifestation coach, Matt Cooke, will be facilitating a Story Summit workshop specifically for writers on Sunday, March 12, at 3 pm — 4 pm Eastern. You can read more about it here.

If you are looking for a way to kick-start your writing career, this manifestation workshop could be for you.

“I teach the mechanics of manifestation, backed up by scientific research and real-life examples,” says Matt. “ Manifestation is an inside job, so that’s where we start.”

Jessica Lynn Curtis, a Summiteer and newsletter writer for Story Summit, will host. By her own account, Jessica manifest both her first agent and first publishing deal with a traditional publisher.

The 90 minute workshop will include an overall “How To” Manifest, interviews with successful writers who have manifested positive results, and a LIVE interactive Q & A.

“Manifesting is not only about desiring or wishing for something,” says Story Summit Founder and former production chief of Walt Disney Studios, David Kirkpatrick, “It’s about embodying thought and feeling as if the event has already occurred. That embodiment changes everything.

“I have noticed a fair amount of confusion and fear on the part of authors placing their writing projects into the marketplace. As a result, projects might remain in a drawer untouched for years. Matt Cooke’s workshop will change all that. I have never met anyone as clear and helpful as Matt on how the agency of feeling and thought can positively affect the outcome of a writing project.

“A positive shift is occurring in world consciousness. I want our writers to be part of that.”

To learn more or to register for March 12th’s workshop, go here. To sign up for our newsletter, go here.

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