Slam dunk your 2021 writing goals with this class for men from the Story Summit Writer’s School

The, co-directed by and kicks off its January curriculum with a program over 2 consecutive Saturdays, , designed specifically for men who write.

“We are thrilled to be making this announcement,” says Amy Ferris, author of the best selling memoir, It’s a great, creative way for men to start 2021.”

“We love men at the Writer’s School and are excited to be making this our first offering of the new year,” says Debra Landwehr Engle, author of the acclaimed featuring a foreword by his holiness, the Dalai Lama. “Men who write,” says Debra, “can get stuck in the responsibilities of bills to pay, children to raise, and relationships to manage. This six hour LIVE program is brimming with instruction, writing prompts, and gritty tips to unlock a man’s story to its greatest capacity.”

“We try and be good listeners around here,” says Amy Ferris with her trademark smile. “Originally, we planned this writing class for a weekend of Saturday and Sunday, but the guys spoke up and said, ‘We can’t be missing the Sunday playoffs!’ so we pivoted.” To accommodate the need, the Writer’s School adjusted the schedule to 2 consecutive Saturdays so Sunday playoffs would not be missed. “In fact, we so love our men,” says Amy, “ that we are offering football fans a $50 discount coupon at checkout .”

Just in case you needed to be reminded . . .

The six hour class will be moderated and taught by four men, experts and successful achievers in the field of creative writing: , , , and

Richard C. Morais is the author of the New York Times and international bestseller , a novel about an Indian chef who conquers the rarified world of French haute cuisine. The hit novel became a movie blockbuster produced by Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg and starring Academy Award winner, Helen Mirren, and Manish Dayal. His newest book, , is published by Little A, the literary imprint of Amazon Publishing and, is available, of course, at Amazon and other fine bookstores.

“The Story Summit is smoking hot right now,” says Richard. “ I’m pumped to be a participating faculty member in its 2021 Writer’s School inaugural.”

In 2020, Richard was the first faculty member to teach at the Story Summit’s Writer’s School. “Richard spoke live on character development and the three components he uses to build his characters,” says David Paul Kirkpatrick, the former President of Paramount Pictures and Story Summit Founder. “ I was blown away by the power in the simplicity and practicality of Richard’s secret sauce. It answers every question. It’s very applicable to any platform of storytelling.”

Richard will be sharing his recipe on how to build a character on Saturday, Jan 16. “The biggest challenge I find for male writers with whom I have worked is character creation,” says David. “I’ve overseen thousands of screenplays but I never heard the art of character spoken with such understanding. Richard’s talk is a game-changer and frankly, a relief for writers!”

Tab Murphy will be speaking on Saturday, Jan 23 on his tips on creating memorable women characters. “From the beginning, Tab, has been writing empathetic and powerful women,” says David Paul Kirkpatrick, Founder of the Story Summit. “The most remarkable thing is that he has a major fan base of young women who grew up loving his animated characters from all the Disney films he wrote.

One of Tab’s first screenplays, Gorillas in the Mist, the story of Dian Fossey, which starred Sigourney Weaver, won both he and Weaver Academy Award nominations.

In the ‘90s, Tab wrote a string of classic animated Disney films including Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tarzan, Atlantis — the Lost Empire and Brother Bear, which was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

In 1995, Tab wrote and directed Last of the Dogmen starring Tom Berrenger and Barbra Hershey. For several decades, Tab has been writing animated screenplays for Warner Bros DC, including Green Arrow, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse and Batman: Year One based on the Frank Miller graphic novel. Tab has mentored students at Jackson Hole Writer’s Conference, Creative Lab in Hawaii, and the Story Summits in both the Caribbean and Cape Cod.

Thom Black will be speaking and moderating both Saturday live events. Thom’s focus will be on motivation. “What’s going to be great fun about HeWrites is that it is live and interactive,” says Thom, co-founder of the Story Summit. “All of the pods inside the 6 hours of instruction include Q&A.We encourage all those attending to be part of the conversation.”

Thom is a writer, speaker, innovative strategist and human resources pioneer. His innovative work on human giftedness established an investigative method of identifying innate motivated abilities in every individual while tackling life’s ultimate questions.

He has authored , co-authored and ghostwritten more than 100 books, including Discovering Your Child’s Design, Born To Fly, Kicking Your Kid Out of the Nest, and 55 Waverly Street. He co-created the acclaimed best-selling middle school series, The Amazing Adventures of Harry Moon with more than 450,000 books in print.

David Paul Kirkpatrick will be speaking and moderating both Saturday events. David will be speaking specifically about targeting a schedule and a success map for your project.

“These are live events, unlike almost anything else out there on the worldwide web,” says the former production chief of Walt Disney Studios as well as the former President of Paramount Pictures. “We make it our mission to connect with our participants emotionally.

David has worked on more than 200 motion pictures and their screenplays including such global franchises as Indiana Jones and Star Trek. He has guided countless adaptions of books and plays to movies including Forrest Gump, Elephant Man, Ordinary People, and Terms of Endearment.

An Emmy and Golden Globe recipient for his HBO production of Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny, David is a believer in giving back, wanting to inspire and equip the writers of tomorrow, believing fiction is an underutilized tool that can help build a better world.

“In a recent Writer’s School December class, there were 26 participants who wanted to continue working in small groups in a specific genre after the class ended, “ says Amy. “Deb and I are facilitating those groups now. There will be 6 groups of 4 people each. There’s no charge, but it will be up to the small group to make their experience work through virtual environments like Zoom and Skype. At the Writer’s School, we are HUGE believers in the small group methodology. It’s a great way to be inspired, learn, stay motivated, and be in community. We’re hoping that small groups will emerge out of HeWrites, too; and we will aid in facilitating them.”

“Learning never ends, so why not do it with friends?” says Debra.

For more information on the HeWrites curriculum, If you have any questions, please

Also, there will be a SheWrites week coming up from Jan 25 to Jan 29, yes, for women, spearheaded by publisher, Brooke Warner. For more information about SheWrites,

gathers award-winning professionals and accomplished experts from across the globe to provide intimate, meaningful and profitable relationships with screenwriters and authors in an inspiring, and immersive environment.

Co-founder of MIT Center for Future Storytelling, President of Paramount Pictures, Production Chief of Walt Disney Studios, optimist, author and teacher.

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