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Do not lose heart — We were made for these times

Astrologically, the Inaugural Week may be “Unusual”

David Paul Kirkpatrick
6 min readJan 16, 2021

Be ready for an Inaugural Week that could be rocky.

I received this email in the middle of the night from my friend and trusted and legendary astrologist, Georgia Nicols about this upcoming week. A Canadian, Georgia, is a syndicated expert in astrology and read around the world:

This is a highly accident-prone, explosive astrological influence denoting sudden rash behavior, a strong desire to assert one’s freedom, unexpected incidents.

Georgia said about the Inaugural Day, itself, Wednesday, January 20th, that is is:

Bad timing for such an important day. The planet Mars which is aggressive energy is lined up with Uranus on Wednesday and Uranus represents everything unusual — explosions, impulsive activity, earthquakes, dynamite, that kind of thing.

Georgia knows of what she speaks. She had certain apprehensions about Barack OBama’s first Inaugural when she wrote:

Obviously, many were excited by this revolutionary change of the first black president elected to the United States. However, many astrologers were dismayed and apprehensive because in the morning when he would be sworn into office around 11 am? It was a moon alert! Not good!!

Georgia Nicols

And what happened? As he was being sworn into office during that Moon Alert, as you might recall, the person swearing him in [Supreme Court Justice John Roberts]made an error and Obama hesitated but repeated what the man said even though he knew it was slightly incorrect. And so he was there by sworn into office. However, as a result of that “error“ — they decided to swear him in again at around 2 PM or 2:15 PM? So he was sworn in one more time later in the early afternoon! And by that time, it was no longer a Moon Alert! in fact it was a completely different moon in a a different sign.

I write all this not to create any additional hysteria in this already hysterical world, but for each of us to try and achieve balance in this important week in the…



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