Diamond Consciousness Meditation

As loosely transcribed from Robert Edward Grant’s conversation on the Deja Blu Podcast

David Paul Kirkpatrick
2 min readMar 26, 2023


The practice for the Diamond Consciousness Meditation is best realized at sunrise.

It’s a simple three-step methodology:

  1. Prepare your presence: Take 5 deep breaths, hold it, and while exhaling let go of everything: biases, fears, anxieties, and all attachments.
  2. Face the sunrise : Chant in this order — E — I — OM. Do this several times. Enunciate every letter or “Om” and keep your eyes closed. Project the thought of the new sun awakening your pineal gland. Take it all in ( now that you have let go have all attachments.) Experience your pineal gland sparkling in diamond-form in the morning sunrise.
  3. Finish in reverse: To exit the meditation, chant in the opposite order: MO— I — E. Do this several times.

Note: I Googled “Diamond Consciousness Mediation” online and could not find it. I am memorializing it here so it can be easily accessed. I created it into 3 steps so it could be screen-grabbed and saved to your phone.

Robert Edward Grant, who I consider one of the modern world’s most well-read and balanced seekers, mentioned this meditation in this Sacred Game of Life podcast with Deja Blu.

Robert mentioned that he sourced this from Dharamshala, home to the largest Tibetan temple outside of Tibet. He recently met with his Holiness the Dalia Lama. I am assuming Robert learned it from recent visit

The discussion on the benefits of this mediation and Robert’s own “how-to” can be found at the end of the video. You can find it at 1:48:00 -1:55:55

I am a newbie at this mediation and will report back with new information in the coming weeks.

As for Robert’s thoughts on the Diamond Consciousness Mediation, he says that by practicing it, this will help with “heart-brain awareness, activation of your higher-order DNA, and the recognition that you, yourself, are divine, and you are the creator.” (1:54:00 -1:54:20).

Hope this has been helpful.



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