At 66 years old, I challenged myself to reach a big fitness goal. That meant creating the right mindset as well as increasing my physical endurance.

Arthur and I on #optoutfriday. All photos courtesy of the author.

Step-Aware to Intrigued by a Goal

I wasn’t obsessed with my daily step count. Yes, I had a Fitbit. Yes, I had the step reader on my iPhone. But I wasn’t obsessed with it like my younger brother was. If he didn’t get his 10,000 steps in a day, after dinner he would walk around his neighborhood in Maine until he did.

But when I closed in on 65, I filed forms for Social Security and Medicare. And I did not want to start that long glide to the inevitable by bitching and complaining about “old age.”

I have seen it happen again and again. The…

Learn from the Best of the Disney Renaissance

What would the world be like without animation? What would it be without the adventure, excitement, humor, and fantasy of it all? From Blue Skies Animation to Pixar to Disney Animation, this genre is wildly popular with plenty of opportunity for aspiring and established writers.

How do you plot a populist animated story? What do producers look for in an animated script? What kinds of tension are expected between characters, and how can you introduce unique twists?

This five-day live course, a once in a lifetime experience, is for storytellers and screenwriters alike — and for anyone who wants a…

A Story of Covid-19, Persistence, and Love

My Facebook post from last week (October 29, 2020) had over 130 shares. It involved Allan Scott and The Queen’s Gambit recently released by Netflix to wonderful reviews (with a 100% Rotten Tomatoes- as of this publishing date.)

Facebook and other platforms have been dumped on a lot lately, and probably for good reason, and by Netflix, in particular, with its documentary, The Social Dilemma.

But this story is not about the shadow of Facebook. It is a sweet story. It shows the positive side of social tech and the human condition.

The First Post (October 29, 2020)

Interview with Directors, Amy Ferris and Debra Engle

On October 26, Story Summit Writer’s School Directors, Amy Ferris and Debra Engle, announced their new live, online school with a compelling curriculum for the 4th quarter of 2020. Both Amy and Debra are celebrated authors in their own right and have a passion, as teachers and coaches, to unlock the writing gifts in their mentees while creating a plan of action designed to help them finish their projects.

The first three classes announced are a powerful and unique mix of craft, genre, and joy, including a weekend intensive What a Character with faculty member, Richard C. Morais, author of…

From Query Letters to Book Proposals to Getting Your Work Read

The Story Summit Writer’s School which includes among it’s faculty Marta F. Kauffman, co-creator of Friends and Don Hahn, producer of The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast, is bringing a new creative group into it’s highly successful and esteemed live forum — literary agents.

On May 25 and 26, Andy Ross and Laura Mazer, join the faculty for their first live, interactive class, The Art of Getting Published. Andy and Laura will be discussing breaking in to traditional publishing markets. …

Thank you for this. I worked as a Hollywood Studio exec for most of my adult life, and I always hired men and women who were raised in the Midwest. Not sure they wore as many brown clothes as the Williams but they were sincere, hard working, and were great at building a community ethos inside the studio walls. This brought me back to the "why" of it all. xo

Coach! Brilliant! What a simple and clear concept: interruptions. Those effing interruptions are exacly on target! Thank you! They also can throw you mightily out of the FLOW EXPERIENCE!

Diane Warren | Photo by Nick Spanos

Warren’s song, Io Si, is up for the 2021 Academy Award for Best Song

Written by Guest Blogger, Mariah Mayhugh

The Story Summit Writer’s School is thrilled to welcome songwriter Diane Warren to our upcoming and live “Telling Story Through Song” workshop. The workshop begins next Monday, April 26 and finishes on Friday, April 30. It is being conducted online. You can read more about it here.

Diane Warren’s songs have been featured in more than 100 motion pictures resulting in 12 Academy Award nominations, most recently for “Io Si (Seen)” performed by Laura Pausini for the Netflix film “The Life Ahead” starring Sophia Loren. Here is the music video of the song. …

Terrie! Thank you! This is so great and specific. I love Better Humans and what it represents. Thank you to you and Tony for all you do! D

My Happy Corgi Turned into a Monster

It was Christmas Eve. I had just gotten home from grocery shopping. Since it was the holidays, I had bought for the corgi, Arthur, 5 years old, his favorite treat: bones with marrow. He was a terrific dog: happy, playful, obedient and curious.

Normally, I stop at Noah’s Ark for his marrow, a pet-food place that has grass fed bone marrow, but I was running late, so I purchased it from a grocery food chain.

I place the five bones down on a plate so he could sniff them and chose one. …

David Paul Kirkpatrick

Co-founder of MIT Center for Future Storytelling, President of Paramount Pictures, Production Chief of Walt Disney Studios, optimist, author and teacher.

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